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торт raffaello flour tile

торт raffaello flour tile

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торт raffaello flour tile
Raffaello Cake Recipe - Coconut & White Chocolate , Almond Coconut Cake (Raffaello cake) | Recipe | Want to , How to make Raffaello cream? Cream for cake "Raffaello , Homemade "Raffaello", 99 en iyi Rafaelo görüntüsü | Desserts, Deserts ve Dessert , Floor tile Marazzi ALLMARBLE 32,5X120 RAFFAELLO STEP TILE , How to say flour in Ukrainian - WordHippo, Christmas Cake Napoleon - Raffaella - mmm Delicious!, How to say cake flour in Russian - wordhippo.com.
In this article, we would like to talk aboutRaffaello. This is not only candy, but also a very delicate home cream. "Raffaello" can be used for making sweets, cakes, cakes and many other desserts. His recipe, in principle, is very simple, but the taste is gorgeous. And not worse than the store variant. The most important thing in its preparation is to follow instructions and not to break proportions. Then you can easily prepare a Raffaello cream at home. And surprise your family with an exquisite dessert.Cream "Raffaello": ingredientsTo prepare the cream we need the following ingredients:Chocolate - 200 g.Butter (fat) butter 82% - 200 g.Coconut chips - 75 g.Condensed milk - 400 g.Recipe The main component of the cream is white chocolate. Tiles must be broken into pieces and put in a pan, which is best placed in a warm place. Chocolate should melt a little.In another dish, we put enough fatty oil andwe drown it in a water bath. Add chocolate to it, while continuing to heat it. And do not forget to stir, a homogeneous and thick mass should be obtained. We remove the pan from the fire.Immediately in the received mass we pour the condensed milk, adding a coconut shaving. Carefully mix the cream, otherwise it can freeze. The mass is ready as soon as it thickens.We close the film with the finished "Rafaello". The cream is sent to the refrigerator for at least six hours. It can be served as an independent dessert, or in the form of a sweet baking sauce, and most importantly, use it for making cakes.Now you can prepare your own Raffaello cream. A recipe with photos will help you.Cooking tipsIf desired, the finished cream can be folded into a clean glass jar, covered with a dense lid, stored in a refrigerator.Once the home cream "Raffaello" is fed intorefrigerator, you can get it by removing the film, put it in the bowl. It is in this form that the cream is served on a table with a biscuit for hot tea or coffee. The taste is divine.To prepare a good cream, you need to use high-quality fatty oil. It should take with condensed milk and do not float on the surface of the mass.For those who like different spices, before servingcan be decorated with nuts, vanilla, cinnamon, burnt sugar "Raffaello". The cream is perfectly combined with all these ingredients, and the taste is excellent. In general, you can experiment, coming up with more and more options.The cream fits well with fresh fruit. If you plan to serve it portionwise, then it is possible to decorate, as a fruit and cream dessert. Your children and guests will certainly love this delicious sweetness.Ready cream should not be stored for more than a week, even in the refrigerator, although it is unlikely that someone will long for such a yummy.Another recipe for creamThere are several options for cooking "Rafaello". The cream turns out always remarkable, whatever recipe you use. It's just a matter of taste, who likes what.So, the ingredients for the cream:Sugar - 50 g.Vegetable oil (refined without a smell, you can take soy or corn) - 150 g.Milk - 80 g.A pack of coconut chips.Vanillin.Milk is mixed with sugar, adding salt and vanillin. Preheat the mixture, for example, in a microwave. Next, beat the milk with sugar in a blender, until all the sugar is dissolved. And add the same oil, whilst continuing to beat. The mixture instantly thickens and turns into a cream. Then add the coconut shavings, if you think that it is a bit too large, then you can grind it in a coffee grinder. The resulting mass is stirred again. So our Rafaello is ready. The cream should cool down a bit and stay in the refrigerator. And then you can eat!Cream for Raffaello cakeThe recipe of the cream itself implies itsuse not only as a dessert, but also for cooking cakes. On its basis, you can bake a wonderful cake with the taste of the same-name sweets "Rafaello". We want to offer you a recipe for this kind of dessert.To prepare a biscuit you need the following ingredients:Flour - 100 g.Sugar - ¾ cup.Corn starch - 45 g.Eggs - 3 pieces.Chocolate white - ½ tiles.Baking powder.To prepare a cream "Raffaello" for a cake, we will take such products:A glass of almond milk.Another glass of plain milk.Eggs - 2 pcs.A glass of sugar.Starch - 2 tbsp. l.Butter (always fat) - a packet.Peeled dried almonds - ½ cup.For the preparation of almond milk:Peeled almonds - 1/3 cup.Half a glass of water.We will certainly decorate our cake with coconut shavings.The recipe for a cakeTo make a cream "Raffaello" (recipeBelow, we need almond milk. We will prepare it ourselves. For this, for the whole night we shall soak almonds in water. In the morning we will blast this mass with a blender for five minutes. It should turn out white mass, like real milk.If you strain it and add honey and sugar, you will get the most beautiful drink.So, let's get to the preparation of the cream. We mix simple milk with almond, put it on the stove.Eggs vzobem with sugar and add some milk withstarch. The resulting mass is poured into a hot milk in a very thin stream. Do not forget to stir the cream all the time. Then we bring the mass to a boil, keep it on the fire for another five minutes and clean it.Then add a hundred gram of oil to the cream and mix. The cream should cool down.In the meantime, we will proceed to prepare biscuit cakes for our cake.For this, eggs with sugar will be poured into a rather magnificent mass. Separately, mix the starch with flour and baking powder. And then this dry mixture is introduced into the egg mass, thoroughly mixing.Milk boil and add white chocolate to it. This solution is added to the test.Now it remains only to bake a biscuit. To do this, our dough will be poured into a split form. The process of baking takes about half an hour. The oven needs to be set at one hundred and eighty degrees. Willingness of a biscuit should be checked with a match or a wooden skewer. The cake should cool down, and then it can be cut into four parts.Now you can go back to the cream again. One hundred grams of butter must be beaten and put into it the previously brewed cream mass, again mixing everything.Next, proceed to assemble the cake. Each cake is smeared with cream and sprinkled with almonds. If you want, you can put a whole nut, or you can grind it. It all depends on your taste.From the outside, spread the cake with the same cream and sprinkle with coconut shavings. Send the treat to the refrigerator. In the finished form, you can decorate the top layer with white chocolate, almonds.Another recipe for air RafaelloThere are many options for cooking this magic cream, and with them and no less than a wonderful cake. Therefore, we offer another recipe for a wonderful dessert.Ingredients for cake and cream:The coconut shaving is 400 g. Partly the shavings can be replaced with almond flour.Sugar - 360 g.Eggs - 6 pcs.Salt.White chocolate for cream - 0,5 kg.Cream fat (at least 30%) - 0,75 l.Cake making with air creamIn the pan put all the crushed chocolate. Cream in a separate bowl bring to a boil and fill them with chocolate. Mix it until the latter dissolves completely. As soon as the mass cool down a little, we'll send it to the refrigerator for six hours.Next, prepare a baking tray beforehand. To do this, cover it with a special parchment and oil it.Now go to the preparation of coconutbiscuit. We break into the dishes six eggs, add salt, sugar. Heat the mixture to sixty degrees and begin to beat it with a mixer until a very fluffy foam forms. Gradually the mass will cool down.In a separate container, we mix the shavings with one hundred grams of almond flour. In principle, you can use only coconut shavings.In the beaten eggs, slowly add the mixturealmonds and coconut. We got a coconut dough. Spread it on a prepared baking sheet in an even layer. And bake for about fifteen minutes (at 180 degrees).We take out the biscuit from the oven and let it cool down for a while.Meanwhile we will return to the preparation of the cream. Let's get out of the refrigerator a mixture of cream and chocolate and we'll take it with a mixer. Act carefully, so as not to overdo it, after all it's cream. The cream should become homogeneous and smooth.All components are ready, you can move on toassembling cake. We will spread it in hemispherical dishes. From the biscuit cut out a circle with the diameter of our vessel and leave it to one side. This will be the basis of our cake. Further from the same cake we cut out pieces and spread them all the bottom of our dishes. Next, put a layer of cream, cover it with a layer of biscuit of the appropriate size, again apply the cream. And we put in advance the prepared bottom of the cake. On the tray turn our form, we got a cake in the form of a hemisphere.Outside decorate with cream and shavings. The cake is ready.Making sweetsIf you are an admirer of coconut, you canhouse conditions to prepare sweets "Rafaello". The cream for them can be made according to one of the recipes given by us. And then the matter of technology. Inside the finished ball of the cream can put any nut.Ideally, it should be almonds or hazelnuts, butyou can choose and any other. And then the candy can be rolled in either coconut shavings or in crumbs of ground nuts. Mistresses use even crushed corn sticks as powders. Believe me, sweets are very delicious, no worse than those bought in the store.</ p>>. Raffaello Cake Recipe - Coconut & White Chocolate. Raffaello Cake Recipe - Coconut & White Chocolate. Visit. 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"Raffaello" can be used for making sweets, cakes, cakes and many other desserts. His recipe, in principle, is very simple, but the taste is gorgeous. And not worse than the store variant. The most important thing in its preparation is to follow instructions and not to break proportions. Then you can easily prepare a Raffaello cream at home. And surprise your family with an exquisite dessert.. ТОРТ РЕЦЕПТ Торт-мусс Раффаэлло с белым шоколадом и кокосом - bánh Raffaello creme chocolate RECIPE - Duration: 17:42. LudaEasyCook . Li An adlı kişinin Pinterest'te 562 kişi tarafından takip edilen "Rafaelo" panosunu keşfedin. Desserts, Deserts, Dessert recipes hakkında daha fazla fikir görün.. Produced by Marazzi, the Allmarble 32,5x120 Raffaello Step Tile Lux is a floor tile with marble-look. Made in Italy, VAT and delivery included! Made in Italy, VAT and delivery included! Warning, javascript is disabled in your browser, this may affect your experience browsing this site.. Need to translate "flour" to Ukrainian? Here are 2 ways to say it.. Christmas Cake Napoleon - Raffaella recipe by Family Kitchen. Ingredients: Mass: for 12 und. 22 cm in diameter. 450 gr. flour 125 gr. - almond flour 350 gr. - butter 1 egg 1 tablespoon - vinegar 6 .
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